Why Winter Waxing Is More Important Than You Think

Let’s talk about waxing – particularly in the winter. With the onset of cooler temperatures and the necessity of wearing heavier clothing, most people tend to back off on waxing services, opting to shave or just let their hair grow. This, however, will make the waxing process more difficult when the warmer weather returns, for many reasons.

Our hair grows in three different stages: anagen, catagen and telogen. The anagen phase is the beginning growth phase, then it moves into the catagen phase which is where the nutrition is forming while the hair is growing. And finally the telogen phase where the hair is strong and at the end of its growth cycle.

Our hair grows around ½” a month and faster in the summer than in the winter. Since the telogen phase is the last stage the hair is filled with nutrition and fully keratinized making it the toughest to get out. For seasonal waxers the hair is most likely past the telogen phase, making that first spring waxing appointment, after going months since the last one, most painful and unpleasant. Keeping up with waxing appointments every 4 weeks will keep the hair within the anagen phase and the hair shaft stay thin, making it less painful coming out of the root. This will allow your appointment run smoothly, and it will even slow down the hair growth and extend the time between waxing appointments.

Waxing is also a form of exfoliation. Each time the waxing strip comes off it not only removes the hair, but dead skin cells. This helps prevent ingrown hairs, especially if you continue to exfoliate in between appointments. Since your skin is more susceptible to becoming dry and flaky in the winter months, exfoliation is a must to maintain smooth, glowing skin. The Nelly De Vuyst body brush is the perfect tool to gently exfoliate your body; followed by an application of rich Nelly Body Cream to replenish lost moisture. Your moisturizer will hydrate your skin more deeply when dry surface layers are removed, leaving you silky and smooth all winter.

Now is a great time to start waxing regularly! We offer a frequent waxing program* to help you keep up your waxing schedule. Receive six waxing services within a six-month period and get the seventh complimentary! By the summer you will enjoy your complimentary wax and afterwards be able to push out your appointments and notice a difference in hair growth. Give us a call or text to schedule your service! 704.339.0909

*Available with select service providers

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