Show Your Glow: A 4-Step Guide to Preparing Your Skin for Holiday Parties

‘Tis the season of cold winter weekends and holiday parties. Work-family, real family and friends are all gathering together to celebrate and capture joyful moments in time on social media for all the world to see; looking your best is a must! You’ve picked the perfect outfit and shoes, you’ve chosen the perfect hairstyle. Now, let’s talk about your skin.

Step 1: Find your Inspiration

I absolutely love to pin looks on Pinterest! Check out my board from this past year.

I encourage you to create your own ideas board. This makes it easy for you or your makeup artist to know what you want from your makeup. Here are some of my tips for putting together your own holiday look board on Pinterest:

  • Combine all aspects of your look together on one board (nails, dress, shoes, hair, makeup)
  • Create a flow or theme.
  • Pin looks that you want to try. Be adventurous! Holiday parties are the perfect events to debut a more dramatic look.

Step 2: Prepare Your Skin

Preparing your skin is very important, since this is the canvas for the makeup you plan to use. If your canvas isn’t clean and smooth, your makeup will reflect this. So, as we get ready to attend our annual soirees, let’s talk about how to prepare your skin to make it look its very best.

At The Spa

Receive a facial to prepare your skin for a flawless makeup application. Modern Salon and Spa offers amazing special event facials that will even out your skin tone, lift, tighten, and make you camera ready. Here are my recommendations to help you achieve the best skin before your special event:

Instant Glow Facial: This service was designed to prepare the skin for the ultimate performing makeup application. It is deeply exfoliating to reveal smooth,  flawless, glowing skin.

Lifting Facial: This service provides you with instantly lifted and tightened skin, creating more contour and tightening the pores. This “topical face lift” will last you around three days so it will need to be done in that timeframe before your event.



Try Nelly DeVuyst’s Three Minute Gommage –  a quick fix to revealing your healthy glowing skin.

Why? Exfoliating helps to reveal your freshest skin and provides a glow to match. Exfoliating will also help other products absorb and work better.  Everyone should be exfoliating on a regular basis!

Lifting and Tightening Treatments

If you can’t make it to the spa, the Nelly DeVuyst Lifting Sheet Mask is an at-hom alternative to the Lifting Facial.


Try the Nelly DeVuyst Lifecell Plus Mask to bring hydration back to your winter dry skin and infuse your skin’s volume.

Hydration is key to plumping the skin and eliminating fine lines.

Step 3: Schedule your appointments

Make the most of your appointments by scheduling them at the right time so that you look your best at your event.

Skin treatments and facials: Schedule your appointment for the day before or day of your event, but no extractions the day of.

Waxing: Schedule your appointment for twenty four hours before, but no sooner.  Don’t make the mistake of getting a day-of wax and risking redness!

Makeup: Schedule your appointment for the day of, after you eat your last pre-party meal so that your makeup will last its longest!

Step 4: From Prep to perfection

A few things to keep in mind about your special event:

  • There will be pictures, whether professional or your Instagram-going friends, so you want to make sure your makeup looks its best!
  • The night is long and full of dancing, so you will need to make sure your makeup will last all night!
  • Your personal skin environment is important too, whether you tend to be dry or become oily, your prep should address your skin’s unique challenges.

Each of these concerns will need to be addressed by you or your makeup artist. Regardless of the coverage you choose, your makeup life has to last a little longer. The skin prep you’ve done will do wonders in this area.

In Spa

Discuss with your service provider the challenges your skin may have. Do you…become oily or become dry?

Bring your inspirations for your look. Whether it be your makeup ideas you want to try or just your general theme.

Communication is key to a successful appointment.



If you have a tendency to become oily make, sure you are applying products to help reduce your oil production, like Nelly DeVuyst’s Oily Skin Gel-Cream. A primer that has oily absorbing abilities like Kripa Venenzia’s Expert Touch Primer. The most important product to consider is a setting powder like Kripa’s Sheer Finish Compact Powder; this will help keep your skin matte.


When you are dealing with dry skin, start with a hydrating primer like Kripa’s Total Revive Primer. This will give you a hydrated base. Finish your makeup with spritzing the soothing lotion by Nelly DeVuyst, over finished makeup look.


If you have normal skin: using any primer, setting powder and toner will help lock your look in place.

Now you’re ready to finish off your look with the perfect makeup and hair!  Click here to read Amber’s recommendations for getting your perfect look for your holiday or New Year’s party!

Remember, we are always here to help you get ready.  Just give us a call or text to schedule your next facial, makeup application or complimentary skincare consultation! 704.339.0909

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