Holiday Slay: Easy Tips for Your Best Holiday Hair and Makeup

Getting ready for the holiday season can seem like a mad dash! With all the holiday parties, gift buying, and preparing for family and friends to come into town, things can become more than a little hectic. Here are a few tips to help you out this holiday season! Whether you are looking for a little stress reliever, or the perfect look for your upcoming holiday party, keep reading to get the scoop!

It’s always important to set yourself up for success with a great skincare routine.  Read more about preparing getting the best skin for your holiday events here.

Now that your skin is feeling flawless and glowing like the Time Square Ball, it’s time to enhance your look with a little makeup. You don’t have to do much for this festive look. A simple eye and lip is all you’ll need to look and feel like the life of the party!

STEP 1: Bold Lip and Dazzling Eyes

Schedule an appointment with your favorite makeup artist at Modern, or follow my step-by-step directions below to get your best look for your holiday or New Years party!


Swipe a warm flesh tone eye shadow along the base of your top lashes. Then apply a darker shade in the outer corner of the lower lash line then blend up midway into the crease of your upper eyelid for a seamless look. Be brave and add a pop of shimmer with a metallic shadow in the center of your eyelids. Finish the look with your favorite eyeliner and mascara!  I recommend Kripa Venezia’s Fine Kohl Eyeliner or Pure Definition Liquid Eyeliner and Pure Intensity Mascara.


Next, apply your favorite lip color and really build to really make it pop!

For a more natural lip, use a flesh tone lip liner to outline your lips before applying your lipstick and blend the two colors together. Kripa Venezia’s Turkish Rose Fine Contour Lip Liner paired with Caramel Nude Vibrant Colour Lipstick provide long-lasting wear in shades that compliment all skin tones.

For a bolder lip, line only the cupid’s bow and the area directly below on the lower lip to accentuate lip fullness and shape naturally. Kripa’s Coral Red Fine Contour Lip Liner and Coral Red Vibrant Colour Lipstick looks perfect on virtually all skin tones.


If you have an appointment with a makeup artist, talk to them about what you’re wearing so they can give you a look that takes your outfit to the next level! Don’t be afraid to try something a little out of your comfort zone, and always ask your makeup artist for product recommendations so that you can do your own touch ups to look fresh all night long.

STEP 2: Simple Updo

One of the easiest ways to feel festive for the holidays is to try a shampoo/style or red carpet blowout from Modern Salon and Spa. We can get even the curliest hair straight and silky for the big party!

No time to come into the salon? No worries! A simple updo with a shimmer hair clip is all you’ll need for this do-it-yourself hair do.

First straighten the front shorter pieces of hair around your face so they are nice and smooth. Next pull the rest of your hair back into a low ponytail, making sure to only pull the hair half way through the hair tie the second time and leave a few end pieces out. You will use the ends of the hair left out to wrap around the base of the bun you just created to cover the hair tie. Then take your shiniest hair clip and clip it above the bun you just created. Top it off with a good hairspray like Organic Pure Care’s V Pure Finishing Hairspray so it stays put all night, and voila! A simple elegant look that took no time at all. Finish with a pair of sparkling earrings and your ready to celebrate the holiday in style!

Don’t forget: we’re always here to help you out with your special event makeup and hair needs! Give us a call or text to schedule your appointment! 704.339.0909

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