Sun is in the Hair

Your Guide to Men’s Skin Care

Your Guide to Men's Skin Care

Stress vs. Your Skin

Stress vs Your Skin

Summer is coming, which means the end of the school year. This is a much anticipated time for young people, but it can also be a time of increased stress. Testing, college tours, last efforts towards the best grade and planning for the following year can be very taxing.  


Relaxing the Grad

Graduation is one of life’s biggest rites of passage. Each commencement marks the next stage of a person’s life journey and it is a time of great excitement and also a time of trepidation as a person steps out of the shelter of the familiar, into the great unknown. Couple this with the…

How to Nurture the Nurturer

Mother's Spa Day

Misadventures of an Amateur Skin Care Enthusiast

Misadventures of an Amateur Skin Care Enthusiast

Special Occasion Beauty Inspiration

Special Occasion Beauty Inspiration

Spring Haircolor Trends

Check out Jordan Hester's top 5 haircolor trends for spring!

Summer Skin Ready

Summer Skin Ready

Well, it has happened again! We blinked and summer is right around the corner! As we break out our shorts, tank tops, and swimsuits in…