Ashley Healy

Position: Senior 2 Stylist / Educator

Location: waverly, educators and leaders

Ashley feels lucky to call Charlotte home. Growing up the daiughter of a marine, she moved around quite a bit- from New York, Georgira, California, to Greece! Ashley is inspired by the connection of meeting new people. Knowing that she is capable of providing a service that will make her guests look beautiful on the outside, and feel beautiful on the inside, means the world to her! She invites each guest that visits her to relax and enjoy themselves during the time they have together. She is passionate about making them feel completely taken care of. Hair Color transformations are one of her favorite services to do! If its a blonde transformation - her specialty - well, that is just a cherry on top! Ashley is a great listener, and consults with each guest prior to beginning the service. Whether you would like your color brighter, or need tips styling hair with texture, Ashley will work with you to find the best solution.

Check out her work on Instagram: @ashleyhealyhair


EDUCATION: Organic Pure Care Color Education, Aveda Institute Charlotte, Aveda Advanced Color Education, Arrojo Advanced Cutting Education, Advanced Styling

GO-TO PRODUCT: Organic Pure Care Silk Potion and Pure Soft Hairspray